Amerikai rendőrségi fotókon szereplő emberek bűn rossz frizurái

Ezeket az embereket valószínűleg nem a divat vagy a jó ízlés ellenes bűncselekmények miatt tartóztatták le, de egy dolog biztos: az amerikai rendőrök jót röhöghettek mindannyiuk frizuráján. Mert – hogy stílszerűen fogalmazzunk – mindannyiuknak tényleg bűn rossz a hajviselete!


Nem is szaporítanánk tovább a szót, jöjjenek a legborzalmasabb mugshot frizurák a DailyMail összeállítása nyomán.

This woman appears as if she has applied her make up in a darkened room amid an earthquake

It seems that Medusa has returned to earth and used this unfortunate gentleman as a host  

Andy Warhol once said everyone is famous for 15 minutes - this guy might be shortchanged

Often, it is not the original crime that gets you into trouble, it's how you cover it up 

The school career's counselor will hardly be surprised to find their former student here 

This suspect could never figure out why he received the nickname toilet brush from friends

The moment you realize the barber misunderstood your instruction to take half the beard away

Top Gun's Iceman never really recovered when they postponed the movie's sequel 

And you thought you High School yearbook photograph was something to be embarrassed of

This gentleman seems to regret some of his life choices in this mugshot photograph 

This gentleman's effort  marking out a line for the length of his hair failed to deal with the rear

This chap's cunning attempt to remove his long locks didn't fool detectives for long 

When photographed looking like this it is probably time to seek out a new career 

String cheese never liked his criminal nickname as can be witnessed by his surly face 

When involved in criminality, being as plain and unmemorable as possible is an advantage 

You know barber, I think I would like a monkey grabbing onto the top of my head, my man

Despite being dressed like a Star Trek extra, Scotty refused to beam her up before booking

Once placed in a line up, this lady knew her criminal career was facing a lengthy interruption

An off-Broadway career in 'Princess Leia - The Crystal Meth Years' beckons after his release  

This man is so passionate about mustaches that he has cultivated two 

Ewoks faced a tough time after they were no longer required on the set of Star Wars 

Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, far too to mention... apart from this appalling haircut

Captain Red Beard decided to go undercover but was nabbed before he finished his shave 

This chap is method acting in the hope of securing the role of The Joker in the next Batman