Egyre bizarrabbak az orosz esküvői fotók

A most következő képek láttán az az érzésed támadhat, hogy valaki az utóbbi időben trollkodja az orosz ifjú párok esküvői fotóit. De a DailyMail cikke alapján állíthatjuk: szó sincs ilyesmiről. A rengeteg Photoshop és a furcsábbnál furcsább pózok, kicsinyítések és nagyítások ugyanis a menyasszonyok és vőlegények kívánságai.


Jöjjenek most orosz esküvői fotók kommentár nélkül, hogy te is képet kapj az ottani új esküvői fotó divatról.

She's leaving him? It is unclear what the symbolic meaning of this Photoshopped wedding photo of a bride on a motorcycle seemingly leaving her new husband in the fumes is

Re-inventing tradition: A wedding photo of a Russian couple sees the bride push her miniature husband around in a wheelbarrow

Hotline bling: This couple could not even be away from each other during a bathroom break, although the bride does not seem to have quite grasped the basics of telecommunication

Cute or crude: If the background is too jawdroppingly beautiful, licking each other is a safe bet to balance things out

All class: It is unclear if this photo was posed or if a man in shorts appeared suddenly in the foreground as this couple enjoyed their wedding day

I dig you: Nothing says 'I love you' like posing in a digger on your wedding day

An apple a day? This snap shows a bride posing with an apple as her husband comes running down a train track

My way or the highway: This bizarre snap shows the newlyweds Photoshopped onto a heavily trafficked road while clutching a barrier 

Get in the sea: This newlyweds fulfilled their dream of making it look like they are standing waist-deep in water 

Car crash wedding: A young couple were keen to make it appear as if they had suffered a car accident and flipped their vehicle

Safety first: Posing on what appears to be a  motorboat, these two ensured they were wearing correct eye protection

Tiny wife: Another common trend in many images seem to be that of making one's partner appear small enough to fit in a pocket

Tracksuit love: This couple declared not only their love for each other but also for Adidas

Behind the looking glass: This image appears to show the groom rescuing his bride from behind a broken mirror

Communication is key: A bride is seen looking at her husband on a TV screen, where he poses holding up a stuffed toy bunny

He'll jump through hoops: Another digitally altered wedding photograph sees a tiny groom jump around his mildly pleased bride

Happiest day of her life? This bride looks miserable on her big day

Love a man in uniform! A bride poses between what appears to be two Russian police officers, and it is unclear if it is two different men or a duplicated image of her husband

What matters in life: A young couple are overjoyed to have been gifted with cash 

Off centre: A photo intended to make it look like the bride is standing in the palm of her husband's hand goes slightly awry as the groom's pose is off

A more perfect pose: Quite why this couple chose to take their wedding photo in front of a yogi in a state of undress is not known

Until death do us part: This couple clearly has a sense of humour

Book of love: Snaps of this couple at their wedding has been imposed on the pages of a book

Star of the show: This photographer chose to snap a tough looking pair in front of a mirror to ensure that his equipment made it onto the photo

Deep as the ocean: A couple's loving look has been superimposed onto water