Tetoválások, amik majdnem jól sikerültek – de csak majdnem

Láttunk már olyat, hogy valakinek van egy jó ötlete arra nézve, milyen tetoválást szeretne, aztán valami mégis félresikerül: a tetoválóművész elrontja vagy rosszul írja a mintát, esetleg valaki otthoni tetoválással kísérletezik, és a dolog nem úgy sül el, ahogy képzelte… nos, ilyen “majdnem jól sikerült” tetkókból mutatunk most nektek párat.


Nem egyszer láttunk olyat, hogy a rossz helyesírás tette nevetségessé a tetoválást és viselőjét.

A hilarious gallery of images has proven why you should always triple check your tattoo design before sharing it online 

This woman was clearly too weird to double check her grammar before having this rather loud design permanently etched on her ribs 

This Oasis fan tried to come up with an excuse as to why she had altered the lyrics to Wonderwall

This lad wasted no time in showing off his new ink - but sadly his lightening quick pals were on hand to bring him down a peg 

Ryan is certainly not awesome when it comes to spelling as his pal Matt pointed out 

Friends of Kieren could only hope that this was a semi-permanent tattoo after they spotted a rather extreme blunder 

Perhaps this woman works as a doctor and is a fan of her patients - perhaps she can't spell patience 

Thanks to a typo Nick's tattoo now reads: 'I'd rather live for something then die as nothing' 

Despite Zoe's corrections, Melanie was not prepared to admit that she had made a serious error when it came to her Tina Turner tribute 

This man's attempt at a romantic gesture left a bad taste in his pal's mouths 

When this woman decided to have 'your nane' tattooed on her arm her friends demanded some answers 

It appears that this man may have been 'havin rum' when he got this disaster design added to his arm 

Az is elég durva, ha valakinek fogalma sincs, mit varrat magára – ez a lány egy ideig kénytelen volt azt magán viselni, hogy “piknik asztal”.

Elizabeth was clearly thrilled with her body art, but her friend broke the bad news that she now has 'picnic table' inked on her side 

Ő is sajnálhatja, hogy csak “Refuse to sink”, vagyis “Nem vagyok hajlandó elsüllyedni” tetkója elkészítése után világosította fel egy kommentelő: a horgonyokat azért készítik, hogy elsüllyedjenek.

This woman's friends couldn't resist pointing out the rather ironic element of her tattoo 

Az ő mintája sem aratott osztatlan sikert.

This woman was unconvinced by her friend's religious tribute, understandably comparing it to a log 

Két csaj tart a szivárvány felé – hm, egy kicsit ez a tetoválás is félresikerült.

Unfortunately for Monica, she got her gender symbols mixed up when it came to her Pride tribute tattoo

Az abszolút ciki: egymásba illő puzzle darabkákat akart magára varratni egy pár, és hát nem igazán jött össze.

Christopher took great pleasure in pointing out to these love birds that their pieces are not compatible 

Még néhány “csoda”:

The best way for this man to prove his love for his son would be, not to get a tattoo, but to get a job to support him - though he appears to have a backup plan 

Although the tattooist claims there is work to be done, things aren't looking promising with this tattoo 

Ez mi? Egy menyét, ami beszorult egy álomfogóba?!

It seems that this man's friends were at a loss as to what exactly he had tattooed 

És az egyik kedvenc melléfogásunk: amikor valaki nem tudott számolni, és pentagramma helyett Dávid-csillagot sikerült magára varrni:

Aiming for a Wiccan symbol, Sally was flabbergasted to learn she had actually added the Star of David to her anatomy 

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